Proponiamo anche lezioni d’italiano per gli stranieri

-> Learn Italian with us!

Offriamo tutti i livelli, metodo d’insegnamento moderno e interattivo, piccoli gruppi e lezioni one-to-one.

Vari pacchetti di corsi, conversazioni, eventi e diverse attività facoltative. Possibilità d’alloggio nella propria struttura o in strutture convenzionate.



Come learn Italian with us! The Linguistic and Cultural Center “Altra Lingua” offers professional language lessons and organizes cultural events in Sciacca.  

Our teaching method is based primarily on the communicative approach. The lessons are fun and context specific based on the situation and needs of our students.

Classes are always small with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 students, divided into 6 levels (as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

General Italian course schedule: Lessons will be scheduled within the following times according to your level – Monday to Friday in the morning: 9:30  – 12:30.

The general language lessons are rich in activities to encourage the practical application of the language and the analysis of form and structure with the aim of fully involving each student in their own linguistic and cultural development.

Italian teacher qualifications: university degree (Master’s degree in Philology and Literature) and  a recognized language teaching qualification (DITALS Certification of Competence in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language).

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