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Giugno 2014

Different ways to say “I Like” – Diversi modi di dire “Mi piace” in inglese!

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In English there are many synonyms that can be used to say “I like”, for example, “I adore”, “I admire” and “I enjoy”. Below you can find a list of more idiomatic ways of saying “I like”.


  • I’M INTO … (=I’m interested in something) E.g. I’m really into classical music.
  • I’M FOND OF … (=I have an emotional attachment to something) E.g. I’m fond of the Royal family.
  • IT GOES DOWN WELL (WITH PEOPLE) E.g. An English breakfast always goes down well the morning after a night out.
  • I’M CRAZY ABOUT … (=I absolutely love ….) E.g. I’m crazy about football.
  • I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT… (=I’m really interested in and excited about…). E.g. I’m passionate about charity work.
  • I HAVE A SOFT SPOT FOR … (=I like somebody more than someone else). E.g. My grandma has a soft spot for my little sister.
  • I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF… (= I love something so much and I don’t want to stop it). E.g. I can’t get enough of this TV programme.
  • I’M PARTIAL TO … E.g. I’m partial to a glass of wine.
  • I FANCY (SOMEBODY) (=I find [somebody] attractive) E.g. I fancy my friend’s brother.