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Our ever rotatating staff of international teachers provide students with mother tongue instruction in an enriching multicultural environment.


Altra Lingua was established with two goals in mind. The first, to prepare students, both young and old, with the language tools necessary to be successful in all of their future endeavors. Language is one of the most powerful tools that we possess, and communication is one of the building blocks of success. By helping our students learn a new language, we are infinitly expanding their work, educational and cultural horizons. The second, to create a hub of cultural exchange where people of all cultures are welcome and encouraged to share their way of life. Perhaps the greatest currency that exists in this word is the relationship you share with your fellow person, and at Altra Lingua we wish to break down the barriers that seperate us from others through education and understanding.


Our staff of native speakers will create a finely tuned curriculum designed specifically for practical, real-life applications in a fun and engaging environment.






Course Offerings

Accelerated learning through personalized curriculums

The Altra Lingua difference:

The needs of the student are placed before anything else. Our courses are built with you, the student, in mind. We teach practical language with a conversational emphasis to accelerate learning and increase your confindence and comfort in real life situations. Our mother tongue instructors will ensure you learn the necessary material with proper pronunciation.

Business English

Designed for real-world business interactions with a large conversational emphasis. Our Business English course is personalized to fit your specific needs for your work.

Service and Tourism Industry

Courses specifically designed for work in restaurants, hotels and other areas of the service and tourism industries. Service and Tourism courses are offered in all available languages.

Early Childhood

Immersion courses for children ages 3-10. Mother tongue instruction in a fun and enriching environment. Foundational learning for future fluency.

General Language

Our general language courses are offered in all available languages using the Altra Lingua method of practical and conversational teaching. General courses focus on the language as a whole as opposed to an accelerated business or service focus.

Language Is The Key

Unlock the door to a better future

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